Step3: Business Advisory Services

Financial Transformation
FGP will work very closely with you to find ways to increase your profit. We have learned over decades exactly where to start. As a previous franchisor, we have reported audited profitability 23 of 24 operating years. We have designed a proven approach to help our clients quickly identify areas where their company can reduce costs, while improving effectiveness and efficiency. While our approach is comprehensive in nature, it is not rigid and will be tailored and scaled to meet the unique needs of each client.

We will help our clients explore new possibilities. Competitors that do a better job of linking “financial plans to strategy” will quickly put themselves in a more advantageous strategic position.

FGP will help you shift your planning, budgeting and financial reporting processes so that it supports your organization’s strategy and the operational plans that achieve it.

Your company will realize a number of benefits working with FGP.

Create immediate alignment of strategy, operational processes and financial plans.

1. Increase your profit up to 50% of each dollar of revenue.

  • Manage short-term financial performance while effectively allocating resources to achieve longer-term strategic objectives.
  • Implement rolling cash flow forecasts managing the business weekly, monthly and quarterly rather than one year investments, if too late at the end of the year.
  • Improve all key internal financial/reports training your bookkeepers and controllers to manage improved profitability.
  • Eliminate the gaming of budget mentality and reduce the corporate politics surrounding the budgeting process.
  • Eliminate wasted expenses that are causing stagnation and financial loss.
  • Implement a streamline financial process to monitor the cost of servicing each franchisee.
  • Eliminate non-value added work, rework, and manual processes across the entire finance function.
  • Improve your management of capital project investments and fixed assets.
  • Evaluate shared services and outsourcing as potential solutions for creating economics of scale in finances, reducing risk and transitional costs and focusing you activities to core value-added activities. (FGP will help you assess each opportunity, create a business case and implement the organizational change needed to make these outsourced services a reality.)

Finance improvement does not have to stop in finance, because all activities within your company essentially have some financial impact

FGP working with you within your finance and accounting organization is in a unique position to identify, ignite and influence process improvement opportunities across your company.