Franchise Operations Manuals

Your Franchise Operations Manuals are the integrity and backbone of your operational systems and processes. The organizational layout and simplicity of these manuals will invite more frequent franchisee usage, provided they are detailed and user friendly.

As a franchisor for 25 years our executive team had many opportunities to invest $10,000 – 20,000 to “outsource” the development of our franchise operations manuals. This would include the research, gathering data, employee interviews, creative, copywriting, editing and production. Each time we researched the advantages and disadvantages we realized the investment, time requirements and long term dependency on a preferred vendor to develop and maintain our manuals would be shortsighted and cost prohibitive. It was tempting to take this expensive “short cut”, however, we knew that over the long haul we needed to excel at this internal core competency. There were simply too many systems and processes we wanted to improve on a weekly and monthly basis.

NOTE: Whether you invest your own time and less than $5,000 or up to $20,000 to outsource your initial Franchisee Operations Manual it will still only be a FIRST DRAFT. New and emerging franchisors will need to develop over time a “family” of Corporate Operations Manuals. Our clients are able to take advantage of our experience that has paved the way for their manuals. We provide our clients a turnkey Franchise Operations Manual Building Kit which allows them to develop the highest quality manuals saving time and money while learning how to internally produce their own Franchise Operations Manuals.

Franchise Operations Manuals

Our exclusive
Franchise Operations
Manual Building Kit

is the franchise industry’s only opportunity for new and emerging franchisors to internally build their own high quality manuals at a fraction of the cost.

Franchise Operations Manuals

Franchise Operations Manual Building Instructions Kit
(Construct appropriate controls, defining terms, format and updating, enforcement of the operations manual, confidentiality and trade secrets, and legal protection)

Franchise Training Materials Soft Skills Library
(Private labeling, artwork and design, word and PowerPoint formats, with 50 pre-written management subjects)

Franchise Pre-Opening Manual Templates
(How to open safely and creatively under budget)

Real Estate Operations Manual Templates
(Real estate systems and franchisee real estate handbook)

Initial Franchisee Certification Manual
(Set-up and management procedures)

Franchisee Operations Manual Template
(Table of contents, restaurant, retail, service retail, kiosk, mobile, and home based)

Grand Opening Training Manual Template
(Onsite, classroom, on the job)

Employee Training Manual
(Certification programs, homework assignments, tests, surveys)

Regional Conference Manual
(3-day workshop including questionnaire, itinerary, and format)

Annual Convention Manual
(Motivate / Educate / Train)

Follow-Up Visitation Manual
(Quality assurance reporting & programs)

Employee Handbook Manual
(Company policies, and standard operating procedures)

Special Situations Manual
(Troubleshooting, checklists and procedures)

Corporate Headquarters Operations Manual
(Headquarter training and support systems & processes)

Headquarters: Corporate Operations Manual
As a new franchisor you will be focused on supervising and improving the quality of your business operations manual. Your corporate operations manual is as important as your business operations manual. This manual is considered equally important because it outlines your internal operations training and support systems. There are four (4) reasons early stage franchisors overlook the production of this manual: 1) We are still learning what training and support system works the best for us, therefore as a result, 2) we don’t know what actually goes into this manual. This is justified by, 3) I am too busy, which leads to, 4) why is this so important?

In the absence of a working corporate operations manual, each executive on your corporate team is unintentionally invited to become an “independent” expert at how to sell, train, and support franchisees. Franchisees will often complain that they are being trained something different by each member of your team. This level of uncontrolled creativity triggers each department to row in a different direction. Over time, each department drifts into its own culture, resulting in a divided corporate team. This has a direct and negative impact on your franchisees because each expert on your team has a convincing sphere of influence when they speak to a franchisee.

We will offer you our business format operations manuals, which will be working guidelines to build your own manuals. This will save you thousands of dollars. Additionally, we will offer our corporate operations manual so that from the start, you have the foundation to build your own manuals which systematically communicate a unified corporate process for the entire lifecycle of the franchise agreement. The benefits of your corporate operations manual not only strengthens your leadership and management skills, but allows you to document new internal operational procedures. When you hire a new executive team member, they will have the opportunity to immediately grasp the entirety of each process within your corporate office. Your corporate operations manual will shift your culture from a “reactive” entrepreneurial approach to a “proactive” professional management approach.