Step1: Two-Hour Consultation About Franchising

“One small investment in time. One giant leap for your future.

An in-depth discussion about the nuts and bolts of franchising, before you decide to franchise your business. THE ESSENTIAL FACTS YOU MUST KNOW before making this important decision.

The Essential Facts


  • What nobody else will tell you about franchising before you spend your hard-earned capital.
  • What are the financial benefits to franchising my business?
  • The 3 biggest questions we encourage you to “answer” before you decide to franchise your business.
  • What is the difference between: “Is your business concept franchisable?” and “Are you franchisable?”
  • What are the major legal, operational and financial advantages, disadvantages and differences of selling your business as a Business Opportunity, a License or a Franchise?
  • What are the three stages of franchising?
  • What does it actually cost to franchise your business? (Low – Medium – High)
  • What are the minimal resources required to become a franchisor?
  • Should I expand through company-owned locations, pure franchising or both?


  • How do I determine what fee structure (initial franchise fee, royalty, ad fund, miscellaneous fees, etc.) to charge?
  • What are the most affordable options to produce a high quality Franchise Disclosure Document that complies with federal and state laws?


  • What is the “real cost” of selling a franchise? (Internet, Newspaper, Magazine, Franchise Consultant Referral)
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling my franchises through an in-house sales department or outsourcing to franchise consulting firms?
  • What is the “real cost” of training a new franchisee?
  • What is the “real cost” of supporting a franchisee?
  • Should I produce my own Business Operations Manuals or invest in a consulting firm to prepare these documents?
  • How can I be certain that my royalty income will meet my operating expenses.

Step 2: Business/Personal: Franchiseability (click here)