Step3: Business Advisory Services

Business Process Re-Engineering
Whether related to franchise sales, franchisee funding/leasing systems, training and support systems or other areas, FGP will help you take a fresh look at operational and back office business processes across your organization.

We perform a number of key activities to help our clients re-engineer their business processes.

  • To understand the ultimate objective of each process and how it aligns with increasing franchisor and franchisee profitability.
  • Assess how well your company is leveraging the best practices within our industry and how well you are performing versus other companies and competitors.
  • We will determine immediately if “game changing” potential exists for your company.
  • Design a conceptual vision that optimizes your current people, processes, technology and increases profitability to standards of satisfactory return on investment (ROI).
  • To evaluate your current technology and how well they will support new processes.
  • Help our clients implement improved business processes and measure the benefits as they are achieved.

Your company will realize a number of benefits working with FGP:


  • Increased Franchisor Lead Generation (Live, Internet, Referrals)
  • Improved Sales Processes (Shorter Sales Cycles)
  • Improved Franchisee Training System (Track to Open)
  • Improved Franchisee Support (Track to Profit)
  • Improved Franchisee Performance (Field Support Training)
  • Elimination of Non-value Added Activities
  • Improved Financial Management and Profitability
  • Web-Based Support Management System Technology to Improve More Healthy and Connected Franchisees


  • High-Performance Franchise Sales Training Certification
  • High-Performance Field Support Training Certification
  • High-Performance Financial Management Training Certification


  • Your Own In-house Franchisee Funding Department
  • Your Own In-house Real Estate Leasing Department
  • Your Own Registration and Renewals Department