Franchisee Training & Support

Phase 1: New Franchisee Certification (5-21 days)

It is not surprising that 95% of what your franchisees learn in new Franchisee Certification Training they forget within 72 hours. As the final decision maker on WHERE, WHAT and HOW long to train your new franchise partners, you will be frequently reminded by each franchisee that they were “not” trained on that topic. Your internal dilemma will be to shape your primary objectives with what you want to accomplish within your new Franchisee Certification Training.

  1. To offer a broad overview of marketing, sales, service, operations, management, administration, etc. (Turning these lights on to show each franchisee what they have purchased.) Since at this stage in their development, they remain “unconsciously incompetent”.
  2. Train your franchisees only on the business management topics that drive the profit, i.e. marketing, sales, pricing, employee and financial management. (This does not prioritize the service techniques and procedures which will be trained on-site as operational procedures prior to your grand opening week.)

We have performed new Franchisee Certification Trainings to learn how our core values impacted how we formatted this training event. The final training itinerary is deeply rooted in your philosophy, which ultimately shapes the development of your franchisees’ success. The pressure mounts by the continuous feedback of what topics, sequence, and number of days your employees and franchisees suggest. Somebody will always accuse your training to be considered too short or too long with the wrong priorities. We will share our experiences and how these resulted in successful and unsuccessful launching pads for our franchisees.

Grand Opening Training (5-14 days)

New franchisees learn and absorb at different stages of their development. Typically, this training itinerary is classroom, in-store observation, role playing, testing, and practicing these procedures on new customers. Human nature can cause our franchisee to want to see before they believe, however, the intrinsic benefit of our franchisee believing so that they can see is a culture created by the CEO and training team. Regardless of the learning styles of our franchisees, how you design and build this training program must have a consistent and measurable outcome. Standardizing this training event with a much higher degree of operational accountability ensures each franchisee the opportunity to maximize and to launch large. Remember, the takeoff is the most important part of the flight.

Phase 2: Track-to-Profit

You must deploy a Launching Large process during the first 24 weeks of operation and offer an equal opportunity for each franchisee to receive identical, operational “modules” of learning, regardless of whether your field support representative is or is not in their place of business. Your franchisor responsibility is to provide scheduled weekly training sessions which hold your franchisees accountable to your business format and corporate training systems in each respective area of marketing, sales, customer service, and financial reporting until they master each business procedure and are profitable. Franchisee agreements are designed as legal documents and will not replace our Track-to-Profit system to offer week to week standardized learning sessions. We have developed a proprietary, centralized, web-based management support system which reduces emails, faxes, attachments, and other wasted redundancies to provide minute to minute 2-way communication. This form of communication schedules, tapes, tracks, and monitors each weekly session using each standardized learning module, which we will develop for you to ensure they are customized to the key result areas of your business. We call this “connecting the dots”. When we identify a problem, we mutually agree to a documented solution and time frame. An issue order is automatically emailed to the CEO, director of training, and franchisee, twice a week until the problem is solved. This prevents any problem that can occur within any given moment of each franchisee’s business and allows you to “see and prevent” problems before they occur. It is our responsibility to identify the problem, think through a solution with our franchisee, and then hold our self accountable to a timely resolution. We will train you on effective behavioral communication strategies which invite a comfortable relationship with each franchisee while we hold ourselves 100% mutually accountable to attending 24 consecutive weekly sessions. Our franchisee dashboard allows you as the CEO to monitor a green light/red light attendance and the operational results of each franchisee. This allowed us to calculate the exact cost of the service that we provide to each franchise so that we can increase or decrease our total hourly training and support levels. We can also modify our operational templates as we see the results of following our checklist support systems. All of these activities are being documented and measured, offering us an exact cost to train and support each franchisee. We spent years researching web-based software and we discovered that each module provided focus solely on running the franchisor business with off-the-shelf templates to track franchisee sales, intranet communications, inventory, ad funds, royalty, distribution, etc. They were not even close to being engineered to benefit franchisee training, support and profitability. In fact, we decided to become a user for over three years and it reinforced why we needed to invest in technology that was built to train and support franchisees. Off the shelf software developed to essentially manufacture new entrepreneurs, like our support management system, is not available.

Phase 3: Training Certification

Each franchisee is virtually flying the plane with your team as their co-pilot for the first six months of launching their business. Most likely, they have retained a very small percentage of your initial training programs. There is a learning “sweet spot” between month four and month six which dramatically accelerates the growth of their business. We have formulated a 3-day training certification format that is designed to reinforce the key result areas of your business format. We have continually improved the learning formula of this Phase 2 training certification. This certification is highly transferable and ignites a new level of passion and technical understanding for high performers, and offers a breakthrough of confidence for low and medium performers, who are experiencing higher levels of anxiety. Franchisees who have attended our Phase 2 events report immediate and measurable improvements within all of the operating ratios of their business. Imagine your first flight, your co-pilot requesting that you trust the control panels. You’re entering your first layer of clouds with your hands shaking at the wheel (month 4-6) and you can’t see a thing. Phase 2 is designed to offer a burst of confidence and trust in the control panel of the business model to accelerate into newer heights of success.

We have conducted 3-day training certification events with a variety of tested formats, each with different results. Save your time, money, and energy by accelerating this expertise before you start your franchise company. We are here to help and save you thousands of dollars.

“Learning More From Losing Than By Winning”

Joe Torre coached for 25 years in Major League Baseball before he won a World Series with the New York Yankees. When he was hired as the coach of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a reporter asked Mr. Torre, “What are you going to bring to the organization?” His reply was short and humble, “To see and prevent bad things from happening in the locker room and on the field.” Joe Torre spent a career gaining experiences from his losses and through commitment acquired the wisdom to win four World Series championships.